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Dear E-Commerce: Thank You for being a Friend
By Joe Lyons-Rising

September 2021

Dear E-Commerce: Thank you for being a friend.

Yes, it’s true, we travelled down the pandemic road and back again.

Your heart is true, you’re a PayPal and data confidante.

I have no problem telling the world about how we have taken our BFF status to new heights over the past 18 months E-Comm. You helped to keep our family fed in the safest way possible during a year and a half of hermit style living. And for that my loyalty runs deep. But you already know that my shopper data loving friend.

But our bond didn’t start post Wuhan outbreak, but all those years ago when I moved up to the suburbs from the big city and dearly missed my Leaside Longo’s. Grocery Gateway was my first bromance, with their beautifully designed trucks, incredibly courteous delivery staff and best off all, delivery of beer and wine!

Over the next 7 years we added our American pal Walmart into the E.C. fellowship, only wishing delivery at that time was an option to build that friendship further. Who would guess that I came to enjoy those outings to my local blue box store for grocery pick-up as a means of being “social”? Now your delivery runs like a well-oiled machine from Lube Express.

Our family tested out others during Covid, like Great Snack Order of 2020 from And the mouth-watering confection fueled Click ‘N Collect from Loblaws in Markham. Seriously, I can’t get enough of the Reese’s line extensions.

The new kid on the block that has had kept us hangin tough is Corner Shop. In our house you have become the Tik Tok of e-commerce. Like, I can order stuff, and have it delivered in a couple hours? Whoa, mind blown.

But I need to tell you a hard truth E-Comm, Canadians still love going to shop in-store. I know it’s hard to hear, especially after everything you have done to serve our country. Don’t worry through, your war effort will never be forgotten. Actually, for many others like me, you have become their BFF too.

The billion-dollar question is who will still love you like I do? Who will continue to make over 80% of their monthly grocery purchases from the comfort of their bed while watching Netflix? What I do know for sure is that we ain’t going back to how it was before and now that millions of Canucks have experienced your Uber time-saving and high-quality shopping adventure.

So if we threw a party, and invited everyone we knew (the appropriate Covid guidelines of course).

You would see, the biggest gift would be from me (which again you know from my basket data).

With a card attached that said,

Thank your for being my E-Friend.

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