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At Data Gives Back, our highly specialized training for CPG (FMCG) professionals ensures your team develops the necessary skills and confidence to create a positive impact within your business. Upping your team’s game on how to interpret, manage, extract, and share insights in today’s data-driven world is one of the greatest contributions you can provide to their professional development.

Attendees learn exactly how the top CPG professionals drive action through data and make a big impact! Our Canadian focus ensures you learn the very latest retailer, vendor, consumer and shopper, and research updates in our ever-changing industry.

The DGB Category Management Training Menu

Flexibility to choose any of our modules on their own or in combination that will best support your business needs and maximize trainee engagement.

Training Details:

  • 3-hour live sessions, hosted online via Zoom by Joe Lyons-Rising
  • No pre or post work required
  • In-class excel exercises and Course PDF copies emailed beforehand to attendees
  • Customization (Industry, Categories, Brands, etc.) can be added at no extra cost

Investment Details:

  • Group sessions: $430/person/module
  • 10% discount off total group cost for groups with more than 5 attendees
  • Individual sessions: $555/person/module
  • 10% discount on total cost of 2 or more training modules!

Category Management Training Modules

Girl Using Microsoft Excel

Intro to Category


What are the foundations of Category Management and why is it so important for retailers and vendors?

Man pushing shopping cart through aisles

Canadian CPG Retail Landscape

Who are the key Canadian retailers in Grocery, Mass Merchandisers, Drug, Club and other channels? What is their importance to Canadians?

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Planogramming 101

Dive into the holy grail of product distribution: The Planogram. Understand the foundations of Space Management and the steps to build and influence planograms.

Cashier setting up pinpad

Syndicated Scanner Data

Why is benchmark market data so important and how to use it effectively. Learn about key channels, periods and analyzing volumetric facts.

Grocery Bag full of fresh produce

Syndicated Panel Data

Understanding how to analyze and gain insights from marco-level consumer behaviour and purchase trends.

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The Analytic Process

It can be easy to get lost in the sea of data. This macro to micro, issue-based process will keep you focused on the most important metrics and insights. Especially when building a Category Analysis.

Bar Chart

Non-Promo Volume Drivers

Non-Promo sales either come from Distribution drivers or Velocity drivers. Learn how to break down your regular priced business performance with the key metrics: distribution, regular price, competition and other drivers impacting everyday non-promoted sales.

Sale Balloons

Promo Volume Drivers

With so many trade dollars spent on in-store promotions, understanding how to analyze their effectiveness is critical for success. Across Pricing, Flyer Ads and Displays.

Person using calculator for chart

Fact-Based Storytelling

Data Storytelling is essential to Fact-Based Selling. A compelling story can easily lead your key decision maker to your conclusions and recommendations. Learn how to effectively communicate your key insights and create compelling visuals.

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Retailer Point-Of-Sale (POS) data has undergone dramatic advancements in Canada over the past decade with increased levels of category management importance and insights driven capabilities. Learn the foundations of extracting insights from POS data.

Man Displaying Company Growth

Distribution in Action

Master your analytic and insights skills with case studies focused on the three types of CPG distribution projects to growth sales: GET (new listings), GROW (more stores counts) and DEFEND (existing listings).

Sale Signs

Promotion in Action

Accelerate your expertise of retail post-mortem promotion analysis and promo sales stories to increase retail support.

Man pulling oMan pulling out credit cardsut credit cards

Shopper Insights

The growth of retailer shopper insights gained through loyalty programs represents the biggest data impact to Category Management in the past decade.

In collaboration with Shopper Intelligence, learn their innovative approach to understanding how shoppers think and behave can we influence what they buy across retailer and categories in Canada.

Shoppers Intelligence Logo
Person writing on white boarding

Leveraging Custom Research

Learn the consumer research fundamentals and how to analyze key consumer metrics in order to develop consumer based stories

In collaboration with element 54, uncover the immense value from Quantitative and Qualitative studies for fact-based selling, planogram development and marketing strategies.

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