Let us help you increase job effectiveness, improve employee engagement, and enable more effective, fact-based decision making.

Microsoft Technical Skills

Get a leg up and advance your career with these time saving technical skills!

  • Excel level 1
  • Excel level 2
  • Excel level 3
  • Powerpoint level 1

Category Management

At Data Gives Back, our highly specialized training for CPG professionals ensures your team develops the necessary skills and confidence to create a positive impact within your business.

Upping your team’s game on how to interpret, manage, extract, and share insights in today’s data-driven world is one of the greatest contributions you can provide to their professional development.


Everyone has the potential to lead from any role in an organization. Go beyond your technical skills to work with team members more efficiently and effectively through communication, project management and relationship building.

  • Present with confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Project Management & the Pursuit of Balance
  • Managing Analysts & Insights Managers

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